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Empowering People through technology and data-driven community engagement.

It is clear that technology is literally impacting every aspect of our lives as citizens, employees, employers, parents, friends, our roles and responsibilities within our communities. Technologist, politicians, and business leaders have also placed great emphasis on the potential that technology and data can offer state, local, territorial, and tribal governments and their citizens. However, it is often unclear how and what these technologies can offer citizens in order to increase their quality of life, education, job opportunities, and general prosperity.

STN employs an effective community partnership strategy to promote business leaders, community members, government officials, and educators to decide and work together to capitalize on the power of our connected communities. Central to this work, STN develops and supports a network of public-private non-partisan, affiliates and advocates for the needed infrastructure to support community engagement. Organizations that partner with STN benefit from their strategic partnership by obtaining access to technical assistance and funding in support of their community engagement efforts. STN also provides research, training, resources, and communications expertise needed to analyze and utilize data to continuously refine service delivery, guide performance and improve outcomes building stronger communities and  partnerships. Overall, STN builds and maintains strategic relationships with key local stakeholders, subject matter experts, and funders willing to use Adsystech’s innovative Self-Regulatory electronic platform to drive lasting change within historically marginalized communities.

Impact on the Community

Strategic action to solve primary challenges

Data Driven

Many agencies and organizations have traditionally existed in silos focusing insularly on their specific impact area. Antiquated data infrastructure, limited funding, and leadership’s resistance to change – all potential contributors to a lack of capacity to share information with other providers to offer comprehensive, holistic services to meet the full needs of communities

Self-Regulatory Skills

Services being offered don't focus on building self-regulatory skills. These basic life skills are tied to numerous positive outcomes across one's lifespan – including children’s academic achievement and positive behavior in school, and adults’ success in the workplace, income, and savings, and general health and well-being.

Engage Communities

Finding meaningful ways to earn trust, being culturally and linguistically responsive, and fostering open communication and transparency – all key factors that must be considered and incorporated. Without effective community engagement strategies, agencies and organizations are operating on the margins without findings ways to support and improve the well-being of individuals they are designed to serve.

Diverse group of people
Data Analytics

Committed to expanding the meaningful use of data analytics to predict the behavior and performance of individuals within the communities. Social service organizations lack capacity to share information across silos and they also do not have access to advance data mining and analytic tools to make more data driven decisions.

Personal Development

Our online platform can track and analyze meaningful data, to inform decision making and to demonstrate the transformative impact in the communities that we engage. The result is a solution that will engage and empower communities, especially the underserved, to overcome established challenges that impact their ability to thrive.

Economic Development

Traditional approaches to community engagement are disparate, provide anecdotal success stories alone and often use frameworks that are not scalable. Unlike traditional social service approaches to engaging with communities, our solution offers a transformative framework and collaborative network of dedicated industry experts which enrich companies' interactions across geographic, cultural and economic barriers in order to engage diverse communities based on their needs.

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