FBOs and CBOs work collectively to reconstitute communities and, through advocacy, use technology to implement and measure the impact of their collective programs on the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. To maximize the effect of FBO and CBO services on communities, they need a trusted partner with a track record of improving the lives of youth and families living in at-risk and underserved communities.

The SmarTech Nexus Foundation (STN) and our partners have more than 50 years of experience using technology and innovation to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations across the United States. To this end, STN assembled a network of academic, public, and private-sector contributors who share a passion for using technology for social good. Our solution informed by decades of experience is architected to provide a standard, secure, and scalable technology platform for CBOs to facilitate the delivery of accountable, transparent, and trusted services. We provide CBOs with the capacity to empower their communities as they revive neighborhoods and build community resilience to poverty and inequality, social exclusion, violence, and fragility. Ultimately, STN provides FBOs and CBOs, regardless of size or location, the capacity to offer “more services to more people in more locations

STN’s standard, secure, and scalable platform model focused on a “Community First” approach and empowering FBOs and CBOs to collectively work together across their local communities to identify and address the barriers and threats related to community resilience and sustainability. Through the Community1st mobile application (Community1stApp) and with a push of a button, FBOs and CBOs representatives will:

Connect community members and families in need to community-based service providers with the capacity to provide an array of services required to assist the overall well-being of individuals and families.

Advocate for and manage sustained community engagement throughon-line interactions with past, current, and potential participants.

Leverage community assets and information and teaching individuals the skills needed to facilitate their empowerment, with self-advocacy being the ultimate goal.

Track and analyze data to build capacity within faith-based organizations and communities to fulfill the basic needs of individuals and families.

FBO and CBO Leadership Responsibilities

To participate, the leadership of FBOs and CBOs go through a simple registration process and assign a Service Advocate. They are required to:

  • Participate in a Community1st Program orientation and
    demonstration of the Community1stApp
  • Stress the importance of participating in Community1st Program to
    congregation and client-base to promote use of the Community1stApp
    to residents of the local community
  • Identify at least two staff members per location to support Community1stApp registration and responses to service requests from
    their community.
  • Work with their leadership to identify the needed resources to meet
    program goals and objectives.

The Community1st Alliance is a national network of members dedicated to solving the most significant socio-economic challenges facing at-risk and underserved communities in cities and counties across the United States. With more than 50 years combined using technology and innovation to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations across the United States, the Community1st Alliance is committed to taking action now and meeting FBOs "where they are!" The Community1st Alliance is uniquely positioned to partner with FBOs to redesign and advance a future-state for social service delivery in communities across the United States. Together we will empower communities through advanced technology and data to shape the behaviors needed to facilitate individual empowerment, with self-advocacy being the ultimate goal. A critical outcome is helping FBOs adhere to the mandatory industry-standard performance reporting requirements while ensuring accountable, transparent, and trusted services. Our goal is to provide FBOs with the administrative capacity and infrastructure to directly serve their communities and access current and proposed federal, state, and local resources.

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